Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting in the Greater Toronto Area

When looking for a way to give a fresh new look to your commercial property, you want to make sure that all the areas of concern are covered. And we cover more than just your walls and ceilings with paint.

First of all, we are covered ourselves. We have WSIB compensation coverage and implement all appropriate safety procedures, so you don’t have to worry about accidental losses and legal issues.

Second, we cover all your needs you might have connected to painting. From major wall repairs to small fixes, from minor paint touch ups to painting big spaces. We cover your property with drop sheets to make sure no drop of paint hits an unwanted spot, and we cover all the issues of scheduling the jobs, so your work disruption and downtime at your business is kept at a minimum.

And when it comes to covering your walls and ceilings we use high-quality and durable paint that ensures a long life and maximizes your return on investment. Not forgetting about the environment, we make sure the paints we use are eco-friendly with low VOC (volatile organic compounds).

Once we have covered the above issues, let us add a word on pricing, service and job quality, with the last one being our biggest source of pride.

Quality matters. It is so important to us that it isn’t even our middle name – it is our first name! We absolutely go any distance to ensure that all the details that make good visual aesthetics are in place and all the aspects of good professional work are visible.

Friendly hassle-free service is what our clients can enjoy, along with careful communication when dealing with us. We understand that any renovation type of event at a client’s place can cause frustration, impatience, and even worry. We are always at hand to answer all the questions our clients might have regarding our work and any other related matters. We share our expertise freely with our clients and consult with them offering our professional advice and smart solutions.

Our pricing is competitive, yet it does not compromise or undermine our quality in any way. This keeps everybody happy, except of course our competitors.

Call us to set up an appointment for a free no obligation consultation and estimate. We will be happy to answer all the questions you might have regarding your painting project.