Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting in the Greater Toronto Area

Summer, winter and the other seasons each have their respective beauty that brings us joy, however, changing temperatures and an onslaught of weather elements slowly make their mark on the exterior of your house. When your deck, your fence, window frames, doors, eaves, soffits, or aluminum siding call for attention, we know what to do and we are ready to bring our forces to remedy the situation.

The key components to a lasting exterior coating project are to complete a job with products that will stand up to weathering, and by using thorough preparation and cleaning techniques on surfaces. We have plenty of top rated products for all weather exterior applications in our arsenal. We also have the necessary skills to apply them. All in all, we know how to make the exterior of your house look good and stay fresh year-round.

At Absolute Refinishing, we are used to climbing ladders and we do it safely, implementing all the appropriate safety procedures. But ladders are not the only things we carry in onto your property, we also carry a full Liability Insurance and WSIB compensation coverage, so you don’t have to worry about accidental losses or any legal issues. There is nothing left to worry about for you, except determining what colours you want to choose, and even with that, we are on standby to help.

So, give us a call when your exterior falls out of balance with the beauty of the seasons. Make it look nice again with a fresh coat of paint that is durable and lasting. Its colours will be there to welcome the spring and make a rendezvous with fall, year after year, until the time to paint again. But that will be many calendars from the day you hired us for the job.

Use the contact us form on this page to send us a message, or simply dial our number to arrange for a free, no obligation consultation and estimate. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have regarding your painting projects. So, yes, make that call now.