Stair Refinishing

Stair Refinishing in the Greater Toronto AreaUp and down we walk, step after step, day after day. Over time your stairs get worn out and the wood gets exposed. When the protective layer on your stairs is long gone, so is the old good look with it. It’s time to call a refinishing specialist who will bring the good looks back. Can we help? Absolutely!

At Absolute Refinishing, we know all the steps to renewing the looks of your stairs. We have products, experience and the tools to help your stairs shed their old “skin” and “grow” a new one. We can even convert your carpet covered stairs into hardwood stairs. Nothing is impossible when it comes to hardwood stairs refinishing.

Do you want to refresh the old look, or do you want a completely new one? To either of your answers we have the same response – no problem! We’ll bring samples of various stain samples to show you how your stairs might look against your current decor colours, so you can make a better choice that will make your stairs blend in or stand out, depending on your style.

If you have made it this far to find us and you are reading this page, it means you have only one more step to take – and that is to message us, or call us. We will supply you with all the answers you still have at no charge, not because we like to give out our expertise and time for free, but because we believe that our clients deserve to know their options before they commit to making any decisions. And let us add that we’ll give you a no obligation quote at no charge as well. So, go ahead and contact us. You’ll be glad you did.